PE190 Tomi Pro Unit | Golf oprema
PE190 Tomi Pro Unit
725,00 €

Hitting a 300 yard drive means nothing if you miss the birdie putt.

Putting is approximately 43% of a round of golf. If you improve your putting your scores will improve, Fact.

The TOMI Pro system (The Optimal Motion Instructor) measures eight key characteristics of the putting stroke. It helps us to identify a successful putting stroke.

In just 10 putts, TOMI will measure your:

  • Face alignment at address

  • Face alignment at impact

  • Stroke path at impact

  • Stroke direction and face rotation

  • Shaft angle at impact

  • Impact on the clubface

  • Stroke speed at impact

  • Stroke Tempo

The system will then identify the areas which we will need to improve to make you a better putter!  All of your strokes will be recorded allowing me to show you in slow motion the fundamentals of your stroke.  I can then discuss training techniques to help improve your stroke and reduce your scores.

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