PE149 Eyeline Golf - Sweet Roll | Golf oprema
PE149 Eyeline Golf - Sweet Roll
145,00 €

This visual tool demonstrates the perfect combination of speed and line.

Practice breaking putts with 100% confidence of the line. You will learn how slight differences in speed have a big impact on green reading.

Know the perfect speed when you pull out your putter. The quickest way to the ideal line!

Lets Get Started:

  • Find the dot that creates ideal speed. 

  • Adjust the aim of the rail until balls fill the cup.

  • Add the Spot On Laser Target and you are ready for the most precise practice ever – putter gate, ball gate, and intermediate targets all come from the Sweet Roll.

  • There is even a dot to match a Stimpmeter.

  • Remove the kickstand and hit putts on the rail to any distance you want – 30, 60, and beyond.

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